Liberia Firsts

When was the first time this event occurred in Liberia? Try the quiz.


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In 1969, this Liberian was the first African to serve as President of the UN General Assembly

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During the Liberian civil war, the first interim government was headed by

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The first Liberian president tried for war crimes is

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The first female head of state in Africa was this Liberian

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This woman is the first elected female president of an African nation

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Liberia made history and the Guinness World Record for the most fraudulent election ever in 1927 with the reelection of CDB King. King won 240,000 votes in a country of only 15,000 registered voters.

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This President and his Vice President resigned due to allegations of slavery and forced labor in Liberia and Fernando Po

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The first pure black president of Liberia was this man

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The first native Vice President was from this tribe

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The first native Head of State of Liberia was

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