The March to Independence

Let’s see how much you know about Liberia’s independence.


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By late _____________, officials of the Commonwealth of Liberia were considering independence and being in total control of the affairs of Liberia for economic reasons

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The settlement that had been called Christopolis was renamed Monrovia after US president, James Monroe, and the colony as a whole was formally called Liberia in 1824.

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Liberia gained her independence from the

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The first presidential candidates of the republic in 1847 were
(select all that apply)

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He was elected president of Liberia in 1847

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With a majority of the settlers in favor of independence from the ACS, the Constitutional Convention to declare Liberia's statehood began on _________________

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This American Law Professor from Harvard University wrote the first draft of the 1847 constitution of Liberia

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This American came up with the name 'Liberia' for the colony

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___________________ was President of the Constitutional Convention

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Representatives from these groups were present at the constitutional convention
(Select all that apply)

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