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It has been 173 years since Liberia gained independence. Let’s talk about it! Join the conversation and send a photo or video message, complete the survey, share the campaign.

My people, let’s leave this war. War brings no good. Don’t let somebody influence you, they give you $10, $5, to get in streets, burning houses, tires, doing this and that.Tomorrow, where will you go if you burn down your place? You cannot come to America, you don’t have money. You will stay in that country. The people who cause the chaos will leave you there. So let’s be one, forget about war, forget about hating, forget about tribalism, forget about everything. Let’s be ONE and live our lives in Liberia. For Christ sake. Amen!

-Rebecca Toe (message in Grebo)

Happy Independence Day to all the lovely people of Liberia. Wherever you are, please be united, and keep safe in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic.We are all one people. United we stand and divided we fall. I love you all. Bye bye!!!

-Frederica Cooper

Ma Esther’s July 26 message to Liberians is one of love from God. We need love, and we need to move away from hatred and jealousy. That is the only way for us, and our country to succeed. The people of Liberia are dying and being destroyed. We need love and forgiveness, and should pray to Jesus that He will bless our country.Let’s pray to God for forgiveness, and that Liberia and all nations will overcome the pandemic. Take her words, and act on it. Amen!

-Esther Scott (message in Bassa)
Angie’s message is pleading with President George Weah and the government to help her and others who are in dire need. Her family is suffering and has no money. She wants Weah to fix the road to her county of Grand Kru. The government should cancel the July 26 celebrations, and instead focus on the citizens.

-Angie Weah (message in Kru)

The Coronavirus is a really bad illness. It has caused many people to scatter around. We need to come together as a community, as a country and and work on defeating this disease.

-Kollie Jallah (message in Lorma)

Happy Birthday Mama Liberia. We wish you unity, love and peace. Be strong in the Lord. Muah!

-Quinnie, Elisha and Estella
The coronavirus disease is destroying the whole world and human lives. People are dying everyday. The sad thing is that we cannot visit anyone, especially our relatives, like grandma and grandpa. Even our families who used to visit from the US can no longer do so. Everyone should keep safe during this time.

-Frederick (message in Mano)

Mama Liberia, our sweet home
Where many of her neighbors once came
For greener pastures and peaceful living
And then, things happened and hatred developed
Brothers and sisters killed each other
Sons and daughters went astrayed
And today she’s considered one of the poorest nations on earth

Nevertheless, it has been said that she will rise again
And nations will flock to her shores
But rising will entail a collective effort
From all of her children – young and old

To the older ones, put her interest first
And the younger ones will follow suit
Use her resources wisely and selflessly
For the betterment of all
Show love and keep no malice
For there will be disagreements
But never forget to resolve conflicts
Fight corruption and consider it an enemy
This she would want of you

To the younger ones, empower yourselves today
In order to build her up tomorrow
Increase her value by contributing to her progress
Be ethical in all you do
Put away envy and hatred
For the success of one is everyone’s, and hers too
This she would want of you

Happy Independence Day!!!

-Hamiletta Greene (Mama Liberia Poem)

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