Air France Suspends Flights to Liberia

By Ayouba Toure

March 14, 2022

Air France Suspends Flights to Liberia

Credit: Wikipedia
As a result of poor quality of services at the Roberts International Airport – including a dark runway, lack of electricity at the airport and bad jet fuel being supplied – Air France has announced that it would cease its operation to Monrovia as of April 2022. All of these shortcomings present a huge risk for the planes and passengers. This news comes a few weeks after an Air France plane headed to Monrovia was forced to make a U-turn to Freetown due to lack of electricity.

Source: Frontpage Africa

Ellen Johnson Ministerial Complex

At this year’s International Women’s Day celebrations, President Weah named the Ministerial Complex in Congo Town after his predecessor, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. This gesture acknowledges the former president and women of Liberia, and their work and participation in the growth of Liberia.

Source: LINA

President Weah Dedicates Liberia’s First Dialysis Center

For the first time in the history of Liberia, a center for the treatment of kidney disease has been established. The dialysis center is named after ex-president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who initiated the project after kidney disease was ranked as the fourteenth leading cause of death in Liberia (WHO, 2018).

Source: GNN Liberia

Government Increases Prices of Gasoline and Fuel

Amidst the shortage of petroleum in the country, the Ministry of Commerce, through an official communication, has announced that the prices of both gasoline and fuel have been adjusted by $1.16 and $1.47 respectively. Many pro-government personnel blame the increment of petroleum products on the Russia-Ukraine crisis. However, other Liberians think otherwise. 

Source: Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism

MoU for Fisheries Science Degree at University of Liberia

Although Liberia is a country with bountiful water, the art of fishing is not utilized as it should be. To meet this need, the Management of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA) and the Administration of the University of Liberia have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the establishment of a degree program in Fisheries Science as means of promoting and enhancing fishing in the country.

Source: LINA

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