Dukaw Weekly – Cleaning up Monrovia

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By Ayouba Toure

November 23, 2021

Mary Broh Returns to City Hall to Clean up Monrovia

Several weeks ago Laurent Delahousse, head of the European Union Mission in Liberia, described Monrovia as a ‘dirty’ and ‘disgusting’ city. Following this criticism, the Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson T. Koijee, formed a Citizen’s Engagement Board headed by Mary Broh to help clean up the city.

Broh has ordered all homes and institutions to have adequate sanitation facilities or they will be shut down. Sajj House and Restaurant is the first entity that has been affected by the workings of the Citizens Engagement Board. The eatery was shut down over the weekend due to poor sanitation.

Could the decision of reaching out to Madam Broh be a step in the right direction? Critics of Jefferson T. Koijee think otherwise. They argue that the move clearly shows the mayor is inept and unfit for his post.

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Suspect Arrested in Murder of Former President Tubman’s Son

There have been countless mysterious deaths in Liberia since the beginning of this year. Every morning, citizens are awakened by news of the disappearance of the son, daughter, wife or husband of a high profile personality in the country, or the scent of a swelled up body lying along the roadside.

The murder of John H. Tubman, son of former president William V.S Tubman, is the latest occurrence of such events that has grabbed the attention of the nation and media. The 76 year old Tubman was found lying face down in his room, with deep cuts to his neck and forehead, and a pillow over his head, according to sources.

Tubman’s death has caused fear and concern. A suspect who had lived with Tubman was recently arrested and confessed to murdering the elderly man.

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Executive Submits $785.5M USD Budget for FY2022

The leadership of ex soccer player, President George M. Weah, has submitted a draft national budget of US$785,587,340.00 to the House of Representatives for approval.

Minister of Finance, Samuel Tweah, handed the draft budget to Bhofal Chamber, Speaker of the House, after a month’s delay by the Executive. At the submission of the projected draft, the Minister of Finance noted an increase in the budget of key sectors including – Agriculture (60.5%), Energy and Development (76.1%), Security (9.1%), among others.

Both economists and politicians have been debating the probability of the fruition of a budget considered to be the highest budget envelope ever in Liberia. Some believe that the projected budget is unattainable, and intended to build good-for-nothing hope in the heart of the suffering masses.

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Fight Over a Bag of Snail Leaves One Dead and Several Wounded

Solomon Gaye, a man in Nimba County, died during a fight between the residents of Bai Village in Gayea District, and Gboutuo Village in Glor Clan over a bag of snail. The fight escalated into hours of shooting and resulted in firing of a single barrel gun shot that killed Solomon. This has caused some women and children to abandon their homes, fleeing to nearby villages for shelter.

According to reports, there has been a long standing land dispute between the two clans. The Liberia National Police has intervened and arrested eight people so far. Others who were injured during the incident were being treated at the local clinic.

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