Burglary and Vandalism at Senate Offices

By Ayouba Toure

March 21, 2022

Burglary and Vandalism at Senate Offices

Capitol Building, Office of the Liberian Legislature

Photo Credit: LiberiaInfo

When people in authority fail to address basic issues like inadequate security and electricity, they too become victims of such circumstances. This is the case where the offices of Senators Henriques Tokpah of Bong County and Milton Teahjay of Sinoe County were burglarized, and several items stolen. Other offices at the Capitol Building have been vandalized and robbed in the recent past.

A security guard at the Capitol blamed the incident on lack of electricity, stating that darkness in and around the building makes it vulnerable to theft and vandalism.

Source: Frontpage Africa

Villagers Ill from Bea Mountain Chemical Crash

About two weeks ago, a Bea Mountain truck carrying ammonium nitrate was involved in a crash, spilling the chemical in a roadside village in Grand Cape Mount County. Several residents of the village have been experiencing a variety of illnesses consistent with inhalation of the dangerous chemical. These include coughing, running stomach, severe headache, chest pain, eye irritation, dried throat and swollen feet.

Source: Daily Observer

Man Brutally Mobbed to Death in Monrovia

The security situation in Monrovia continues to worsen with increasing violence on every street corner. On Saturday, March 12, a young businessman was murdered by a group of people who accused him of attempting to steal a motorcycle. The unnamed victim had gone to purchase goods when he was attacked and killed.  

The Liberia National Police has confirmed the arrest of suspects linked to the brutal murder, and that their investigation will soon begin.

Source: GNN Liberia

Children Orthopedic Surgery at 14 Military Hospital

The 14 Military Hospital in Schefflin, Marigibi County, in collaboration with the Liberia Medical Relief, has begun a series of surgeries that will focus on orthopedics for young children.

Source: Hot Pepper Liberia

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