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Funeral Arrangements for Father Robert Gbatiae Tikpor
Funeral Arrangements for Father Robert Gbatiae Tikpor
Funeral Arrangements for Father Robert Gbatiae Tikpor
Native National Language
Native National Language
Native National Language
Election 2023 Candidates

2023 Election Candidates

Election 2023 Candidates
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LiberiaInfo was created as an informational resource about the Republic of Liberia. We hope to build a repository with a wealth of information from various sources and eras that will serve as a learning tool for our audience. The history, culture and people of Liberia are diverse, unique and well worth studying. It is this rich diversity held by a common bond that we aim to share in this publication.


Learned something new about Liberia? Share it in your circles. Quite often, what we hear about Liberia can be disheartening. However, there are many interesting aspects of Liberia that are often buried or overlooked. How do you maintain your languages, traditions and cultural identity if they are not shared and passed on to the new generations? Let’s lift up Liberia by sharing our knowledge and stories.


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Liberia Overview

  • Name: Republic of Liberia
  • Location: West African Coast
  • Independence: July 26,1847
  • Sub regions: 15 Counties
  • Population: 4.7 million

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