King Solomon in Liberian Colloquial English

Liberian English is a kind of broken English that is spoken by a majority of Liberians. It is sometimes called Simple English or Waterside English. Centuries ago, natives of the Grain Coast who worked on British vessels, or traded with the British, spoke a corrupt form of English. The Settlers from the United States also brought various forms of English to the Grain Coast. These have contributed to the current form of Liberian English, as well as traces of direct interpretation from the local tribes where it is spoken.

Educated Liberians speak Standard Liberian English, and a majority of Liberians can understand it. Depending on the situation, the literate Liberians will easily speak standard or broken English.

In this video, comedian Mr. Sirleafson reads the story of Wise King Solomon and the Baby (1Kings 3:16 – 28) in Liberian Colloquial. This is an amazing job in translating the Bible so that it speaks to the typical Liberian. Please listen to this, and other Bible stories by this comedian. You can show your support and like, share, subscribe and follow Mr. Sirleafson on YouTube: Mr Sirleafson’s YouTube Channel.


By permission of Mr. Sirleafson: Mr Sirleafson’s YouTube Channel

Featured Image: Judgment of Solomon. Pilgrimage church of Frauenberg in Styria (Austria), ceiling fresco in the rectory (“emperor’s room”). Unknown 17th century (?) painter.

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