Oldman Liberia (OML) Talks to God

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As part of the Lib@173 campaign, enjoy this story about Oldman Liberia’s conversation with God. This is just the beginning and we expect this story to develop further on LibInfo. Stay tuned for more.

OML: Oh Lord, what a day.
Lord: What is it, Liberia?
OML: I am old, tired, hungry, poor, thirsty.
Lord: I see. Why are you in that state?
OML: Well, I am 173 this year.
Lord: Congratulations. So why are you in that state? 173 years and you have not mastered how to get your basic needs?
OML: Ok, let’s talk about thirst.
Lord: I give you bountiful rain and many, many rivers. Have you seen any of them in 173 years?
OML: No hand pumps, wells, or running water around here. The only time we get water easily is when it rains. But when it rains too much, then it floods everywhere.
Lord: No one in your land knows how to make drainage? Where are your young people?
OML: Oh, they are all on Facebook.
Lord: Do they work for Facebook?
OML: Indirectly. But, let’s talk about our daily bread. You promised you would take care of me, but I am hungry.
Lord: I promised that you will till the soil, and eat the fruit of your labor. Are you farming? Are you working?
OML: So, some people work, and some people make business. But no jobs, so most people go to church every day.
Lord: Who told them to do that?
OML: The pastors have miracles, healing, deliverance, prophecies, breakthrough, everything.
They are powerful.
Lord: There are people among you giving sight to the blind, making the cripple to walk, raising the sick from their hospital beds, and making the deaf to hear?
OML: Alright, I won’t lie. I have not seen any of that. But, I always see the sign board with the pastor and his wife’s picture. Beautiful picture.
Lord: Why did they put it up?
OML: No, no, Papa. Let’s leave that one alone. It’s between you and them. They say they are your messengers, and they see you every day.
To be continued

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