Oldman Liberia 4: Elections and Our Array of Candidates

Oldman Liberia (OML) tells God about the types of candidates who usually run for office in Liberia.
Lord: You are very quiet Liberia. What’s on your mind?
OML: Lord, hmmm. It is very loud here. My children are preparing for elections. I am worried about them, and the choices they make.
Lord: What do they vote for?
OML: There are many factors. Feelings, hatred, slogans, characters, empty promises, and more.
Lord: They are still promising you mat to mattress?
OML: Hahaha. Oh, now, they will even sell the mats from under us. Do you know they are also selling the passports to foreigners?
Lord: Ayyyyy Liberia. What has become of you?
OML: We have a revolving door of corrupt politicians. They go from one political party to the next, from the legislature to the cabinet, and so on. Nine years one will stay in the Senate and do NOTHING for his county or neighborhood. Then, they are very bold and ask the people to reelect them.
Lord: What policies matter most to your children?
OML: Before we talk policies, because I have not seen or heard much, let me tell you about some of the characters we usually have running for office.
Lord: Maybe you should write a play instead of telling me.
OML: Yes, I really need to write it.
Lord: So who are these characters?
OML: First, there is the Visitor Candidate. These people do not live in this country. Every election cycle, they fly in and run for a seat in a different county. The same man who runs for Senator for Maryland in one cycle, will run for Representative of Montserrado in the next election.
Lord: Do they win?
OML: Where? Nobody knows them. They come with round trip tickets. So after the election, they go back to where they came from.
OML: The second group are your people, the Dreamers and Visionaries. They say you sent them, or somebody had a dream or vision that you said they would be elected.
Lord: Me? No. I would call them the ‘Depart from me, I do not know you’ group.
OML: Well, they are many here.
Lord: I do not know them. I did not send them.
OML: Somebody needs to tell them that.
OML: Then, we have the Hungry Candidate. This one, before he gets elected, he’s dry like a piece of stick. After you elect him, he starts getting fat with a big gut like a pregnant woman. Meanwhile, his constituents are still poor, dry and hungry.
OML: Next, are the Gift Givers. During campaigns, they come around and are very generous. They talk to the people, give them money, rice, oil. You elect them, and do not see them again until the next election.
Lord: The incumbents are just as bad?
OML: Same thing, even with the Old Kpakus. One of them had been in politics for decades. They asked, what have you done for the people? And he said he was like an expensive car parked in a garage for many years.
Lord: And he wanted people to vote for him?
OML: Yes, these people are shameless. He talked about how he understands what people are going through. He has a plan, he has compassion, and he feels their pain.
Lord: Feelings are policies now?
OML: In some people’s heads, ohhhhh yes. Who needs policies when you have feelings?
Lord: You do have a lot of characters.
OML: Our Exalted Ones are the worst. These are hailed and adorned by the Western leaders and media. Famous around the world, and prancing from one country to the next. Yet, look at this country. They close their eyes to the poor, and enrich themselves and their families. They care less about the people and their plight.
Lord: As you know, your oppressors are your own people. And YOU are the ones electing them. You cannot blame someone else for your pain and issues. Your people need to wake up, make better choices and hold their leaders accountable. It is on them to improve their nation. I am still with you. And for sanity sake, DO NOT add to this list of dysfunctional candidate characters.