Liberian Cuisine

Liberians take pride in their cooking, and will boast of being the best cooks in many settings. There is a huge variety of Liberian sauces, many made from greens or other vegetables, with a combination of different fish and meats. It is not surprising to eat a Liberian sauce made with goat, beef, chicken, fresh fish, dried fish and pork. Better yet, pepper soup could have all of these and more.

A typical dish includes rice and a sauce that is usually very spicy. You can find mild options, but those are rare. Root vegetables like cassava, potatoes and eddoes are common in the Liberian diet. Cassava is used to make fufu or dumboy which are also common dishes and always desired.

Cooking Liberian food requires a lot of skills, time, and no recipes. Just put whatever ingredients you have or can afford in the pot, and make it work. There are also quick meals like dry rice or gravy and rice. Below are pictures of different Liberian dishes that were submitted for this gallery. Enjoy!!!



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