The Town Crier: Please Carry My Parcel

Aunty Kona, Flomo’s bossman’s sister, is returning to the US and asked to take a parcel for her friend.
Kona: Flomo you here? Bring the woman things inside let me pack them. I need to finish packing and get ready to go to the airport.
Flomo: I coming. What you want pack again? The things they gave me already pack. I put it in the bossman car.
Kona: Flomo, bring the things inside. I need to put it in my overnight bag.
Flomo: Ah, the big suitcase they gave me, that the one you will put in your overnight? That one will not work oh.
Kona: What suitcase, and where it came from? She said her people got small parcel for her with boney and pipefish. That all I agreed to carry. So why you brought whole suitcase? They give you money to pay for it?
Flomo: No oh. Don’t get vex with me. You told me to go for your friend things, and bring it for you to carry. Nobody told me about parcel or suitcase. I had to pay my own money to even bring the suitcase here, so you owe me for that one.
Kona: It late now to call her for money to pay for this suitcase. I need to hurry up. I already have four suitcases, I can’t carry another one.
Flomo: You real carrying the whole Liberia oh.
Kona: Don’t even start with me. I begging you.
Flomo: Ok, but you got to pack my own a parcel oh.
Kona: You serious? You get parcel too?
Flomo: Aunty Kona, I beg you. That only two dresses for my sister. And this other dress for you, so you can remember me.
Kona: Awww, thank you so much. I love my dress. Thank you, thank you Flomo. Come let me hug you.
Flomo: Ahn ahn, your American people get coronavirus. You ain’t coming give it to me.
Kona: Your bossman was right. You very nice and very annoying. Come here man.
Flomo: Ok, let me hug you because you my oldma. But that your friend bring this problem here.
Flomo: So what you doing with the suitcase? And that what thing inside?
Kona: I know? Ehn that you brought it? I might just close my eye and carry it.
Flomo: You brave oh. You carrying whole suitcase and you ain’t know what inside? I thought they say you not suppose to do that one?
Kona: I beg you, please stop scaring me. I trust my friend.
Flomo: You sure? Then they not send parcel, but they send whole suitcase and it making you vex?
Kona: Ok, let’s open it and I will just take a few things for her. Then you can take the suitcase back. [they start opening the suitcase]
Flomo: No oh. The way this thing heavy. I already suffer to bring it. Let them come for it.
Kona: I see dry fish and boney, and some clothes. I can carry the fish and two suits.
Flomo: The thing them plenty oh. It look like that Joe Bar Market in this suitcase. Kissmeat, mwen mwen, safo, nyenekpan soap, koto, and temple of heaven too.
Kona: Look here, donut grease, japee, bitter kola, palm oil AND palmbutter. I sayyyyy.
Flomo: This other one heavy oh. Ah, that the kanyan and bennyseed. Ohhhhhh, they get country bread too. My heart burning man. I wish the suitcase was for me oh.
Kona: Give me the dry crawfish. Maybe I can carry that one too, it not heavy.
Flomo: They still get plenty thing in here oh. Look at all this CDs. It say Praise and Worship from the Global International Fellowship Church.
Kona: Seriously? They sending CDs? Who still listening to CDs?
Fomo: Maybe it for your friend to sell them. What kind a big stick that so? That wood?
Kona: You talking about the one? You ain’t see the fire coal? Ok, that’s it. The few things I put aside, I will carry them. Put everything back in the suitcase. After I leave, call them to come for it. Then they can find someone else to carry it to her. I got enough Waterside Market in the other suitcases.