The Town Crier: Easter Celebration in My Home

Let’s hear about the Easter Feast that will be held in Flomo’s hometown.
Majon: You still here? I thought you went with Kawpo them.
Flomo: No oh, they went in front. I was working. That this evening I going. Gbehzohn, I coming ohhhhh.
Majon: You and your Gbehzohn business. Lying to the people saying you Bassa man. You ain’t mind, the people not know you seh.
Flomo: What you talking? My ma Bassa, so I Bassa too. All the people know me, in Buchanan, and in the country.
Majon: I beg you man. You check it, some of those people ain’t even know your name.
Flomo: Hahaha. That one that true oh. One papay in the country, since I was small boy, he been calling me Fomodu. The other oldma can call me Frank, but she ain’t know how to say it, so she can say Fenen. And the other aunty, she can just call me the name they used to call my pa.
Majon: Everybody here for Easter, but your own pa, your want go in the country. For your to stay here, let all of us go to church and celebrate Easter, your say no.
Flomo: That our home ohhhhh, we not from Dukaw. I going this evening. You girl, I telling you, the way everybody can be happy when we buck there. You suppose to come see it. And you know, we doing Easter and Kawpo them wedding feast.
Majon: Ay man, you burning my heart oh. I ain’t go in the interior before oh.
Flomo: Wait, your whole life you been sitting down in Monrovia? How you suppose to know your family people, or where place your come from? Come let’s go ay. Your will enjoy oh.
Majon: So what you will do when you get there?
Flomo: Kawpo them already gone in the interior, but the oldma waiting for me in Buchanan. When I reach there, I will walk about good. Go visit everybody, and eat all the dumboy, eat all the palmbutter and fufu. Then the oldma and myself will go up country. Then I will kill the dumboy there too.
Majon: Move from here man. All that eating and you will still be dry like mosquito. So Kawpo carry all the Easter clothes?
Flomo: Just few things for the people oh. Jesus not die for us to come dress drunk. Lawpu send few shirts and things for the papay, so I carrying that one.
Majon: Ohhhhh, the papay will be happy oh. Ay yah, tell your grandpa hello oh. I really want follow you now.
Flomo: When we get in the country, I will go speak to everybody in the other town them, see my friend them, and make sure all of them coming to the feast. And I will collect everything I want bring.
Majon: You should bring me dry fish and some dry meat oh. Then I can cook my own Monrovia palmbutter and fufu. But that this feast I want hear about. What your will do there?
Flomo: Sunday that the main day. After church, all the celebration will start. Plenty people will be in town. Everybody, eating, dancing and rejoicing man. You go to any house, you eat. Or you go to the town center, everybody there having fun. You na see Easter like that before?
Majon: Your will really be like spider oh. Flomo I beg you, don’t make me pack our things and follow you oh. In fact seh, finish talking, I coming pack. We all going for Easter.
Fomo: The best part that when the culture troop them come with all the dancing, playing all the drums, you hear the sound them man. Then the devil too can come. The whole place can be on fire.
Majon: WHAT? The devil coming to Easter? For what thing?
Fomo: That not Bible devil I talking about oh. That one of the Bassa devil that can come.
Majon: Devil that devil. And who invited the devil?
Fomo: They tell you somebody got to invite the devil? You having feast, everybody come, the devil them will come too.
Majon: No, that one pa, I will rebuke the devil. It not suppose to be there. Jesus ain’t die for your to bring devil to celebrate.
Flomo: You alright. You really call yourself woman to go stand in front of the devil and rebuke it? That serious trouble you want oh.
Majon: But tell me the truth. That who can be inside the devil? You know them?
Flomo: Ehn ehn ehn, I begging you ma. Stay right here and don’t follow me nowhere. Because you will make the people catch you, then we got to pay for them to free you. Enjoy your Monrovia Easter. That the same drum them and dancing your will be doing here seh.