Oldman Liberia 2: I Have Given You the Answers

Oldman Liberia (OML) continues his conversation with God, asking for help to develop, prosper and be counted among the nations.

OML: I need help. You have to help me. Please!
Lord: Whatever it is, I am sure I have given you the answers.
OML: Really? I have not gotten any answers.
Lord: Ok, what is your need?
OML: I want to grow, develop, prosper, and be counted among the nations.
Lord: It is 2020. There are resources to help you. Curiosity, innovation, books, education, creativity, motivation, skills, vocations, crafts, and many more.
OML: Books? You really want my children to read? How many books?
Lord: Not just books. I listed several options.
OML: So you hid the answers in books, and all of those other options I need to look for them?
Lord: You search for what you need till you find it. There are also educational sites and videos. Let the hunger and thirst for better days drive you to things that empower and enrich you.
OML: That one is a lot of work. What if you just post the answers on social media?
Lord: Post a whole book?
OML: No, no. Nobody will read it. Just the short answer that I need.
Lord: I post it, and your children will read it and take action?
OML: Hmmmm. Well, add a pretty picture with it. Many will like the post. Others will say “Happy Birthday”, “Congratulations”, and some will say “Amen”.
Lord: And then what?
OML: Then they will fast and pray for 7 days.
Lord: Why are they fasting?
OML: For you to uplift Liberia and her glory.
Lord: What does that mean?
OML: Ayy. I don’t know. Why do you keep questioning me when you have all of the answers?
Lord: Fair. They fast and pray. When do they work towards the goals that will uplift your glory?
OML: You will not leave this work topic oh.
Lord: Faith without works is dead. You can pray, but you also have to work.
OML: Man, how will I explain this one to them?
Lord: What happens when the prayers are not answered?
OML: Oh, it is the devil tying the person down, or their mother, sister or brother making witchcraft to hinder their progress.
Lord: Wow! That is very creative. See, there it is. Tell them to use that imagination and creativity to make something tangible. I give you a week.