The Town Crier: Money can Grow on Flowers?

Flomo tells Majon about a mysterious flower that grows money.
Flomo: Majon, hellooo. How you doing?
Majon: Alright. You looking happy today oh. What happened?
Flomo: My girl, my sister in America said she will help me with my business. She was going to send me $700 US to open my shop.
Majon: That good news. Thank God for her.
Flomo: Wait, the story long. She told me that she got this flower, and money can grow on the flower. So when the money get plenty, she will send me the $700.
Majon: Flomo, I hope that not witchcraft oh. What kind of money growing on flower?
Flomo: No, I don’t think that witchcraft. But the whole thing, it hard to believe.
She say you start with the flower, you put $500 in the center. Then you put it on the ground and burn it with fire and air. After that, you put water on it to put the fire off. Then all the money will start growing on the flower. And plenty strangers will come 2-2, each one adding $500 to the flower. So where she started with $500, now she will get $8,000 when it grow.
Majon: Ayyyy Flomo. You nah lay it on me again oh.
Flomo: Ma, I who here, my mouth full. Because it like you sitting down and strangers just throwing money in your lap. She nah know the people, and they will give her $8,000? The woman say that her blessing.
Majon: No, I still say that witch. Money growing on flower and strangers giving you money at the same time?
Flomo: So, the serious part, she put the $500 and burn the flower everything. But the strangers not coming to put money on her flower.
Majon: Ah, all the people disappear?
Flomo: No, I think the flower will grow the money, but the strangers got to work with the flower so the money can be plenty.
Flomo: I wanted her to send me the flower so when I plant it here, then people can start giving me money.
Majon: Where? In Liberia? Where people getting money from to give you?
Flomo: Wait oh. Then she say the flower like susu, but you put money only one time.
Majon: Your sister lie. Real susu, everybody pay every single time. All of us pay, I eat. All of us pay, you eat. That how susu looking.
Flomo: That the problem. This woman confuse me today, I just got to laugh. Earth, water, air, fire, flower, all inside this one susu.
Majon: This thing can’t be true.
Flomo: Ayyyyy. She tell me all this thing, and I can’t understand it. Then she say I got to join the flower susu and bring 2 friends. Each person got to give $500.
Majon: Your sister not sorry for you oh. Where you and your friends getting money from?
Flomo: She say, if I can’t find the friends to put inside, I should add my 2 children. Because when our time come, we will get $24,000 US, all three of us.
Majon: That pure scam your sister doing so.
Flomo: Majon, I telling you the truth. But guess what? The person running this flower money susu not even in America. The person right here in Monrovia.
Majon: FLOMO! I beg you, it alright. My hay hurting. Let it be so. You and your sister, your enjoy all your plenty flower money. Me I tayah.