The Town Crier: I am the Chief Organizer

Flomo sacks the chief organizer and arranges Taylue and Kawpo’s wedding.
Majon: Come here oh. What kind of message you send this morning with Kawpo them picture? Everybody confuse now.
Flomo: You read the the thing the message say, and you still asking me?
Majon: Yes, I want know what happen. We all planning this wedding here. We having wedding meeting on Sunday. Then you send message this morning saying “Congratulations to Taylue and Kawpo, January 23, 2021”. Ehn this wedding in April, around Easter time?
Flomo: If you vex, you must buss. But if you want me to tell you what happen, then pack your vextation.
Majon: Ok, I nah pack it. Tell me what thing happen.
Flomo: Taylue and Kawpo, they not get plenty money. The small money they get, and the one people help them with for the wedding, they must waste all that money in one day time?
Flomo: If you get money, then no problem. But, two of the bridesmaid them begging their brother for money to buy clothes, hair weave, high heel shoes, false nails, and all that one there. The maid of honor, Kemah, even though she working, she still asking her pa for $350 US for this wedding. They nah push this wedding two time because this person not get shoes yet, this other person need to buy this other thing, the groomsmen not get money yet for bachelor party. What all that one for?
Majon: Keep explaining oh, because plenty people vex with you right now.
Flomo: That all of your business. So I was telling Lawpu this thing, then she say if it was her, she will just do small wedding, and keep her money.
Majon: Here is here again. You and your sister them always causing problem. Lawpu oh, flower money woman, even the Kawpo seh, all of them that trouble.
Flomo: No, this other one catch my heart. Ehn you know the Catholic Father? That my friend there oh. So I went to see him yesterday evening, and I tell him that something hammerking me. Then he ask me if I want do confession. Hahaha. Just like I some kind of criminal oh.
Majon: The talk you talking, ten people nah text me asking where place you eh. You better talk quick.
Flomo: I explain everything to the Father. Good thing, his own pa, he not get woman. I told him, I get all the money for the food, and the remaining money for the clothes and other things. Only the ring they nah buy. And I get the marriage certificate too.
Majon: How you get all this thing them. Ehn Aunty Zoe that the chief organizer?
Flomo: That other chaychay pouley? I sack her already, but she not know yet oh.
Majon: For true? She will kill you today oh. This other one you nah do, you go put the priest inside so it can leave on his hay?
Flomo: So the Father and myself talk for long. Then he and myself came to the house last night. He sit Taylue and Kawpo down, he talk to them good! He told them to save their money. So he marry them right there last night on the piazza. When we finish, we went to the restaurant, we ate good and enjoy our self. That when I took the picture that I send your this morning.
Majon: I right here and you ain’t call me to your secret wedding? So where place they eh now?
Flomo: They gone to their honeymoon oh. They not answering your call them or your messages. That me your will deal with.
Majon: So what about your ma, what she say?
Flomo: Oh, the oldma happy oh. She say that good thing. She say when we all go for Easter, we will go in the country and have big feast for Taylue and Kawpo. That one that not plenty money.
Majon: So some of the people already sewing their clothes, and finish buying their things. What thing they will do now?
Flomo: That my bisnay?
Majon: Be saying so. They coming for you oh. Kemah just text me say she on her way.
Flomo: I will send them to the Father so he can talk to them.
Majon: Ehn the man get dogs in the yard?
Flomo: Yeah. Let them wear their high heel shoes and false nails and go rock it with the dog them. Maybe they can scratch the dog them seh.