The Town Crier: Are We Like Sheep?

A new year, a new Flomo. No longer a sheep.
Majon: Where you been all week we ain’t see you?
Flomo: Hello first oh. I here. When I come from work, I can be in my room.
Majon: What happen to you? Don’t scare me oh.
Flomo: I nah upgrade. You ain’t see my new cell phone? That touch screen. I will not be asking for your phone again.
Majon: Oh, your phone ain’t easy oh. That our two will be using it. You must not mean me that all. So where you take money from to buy the phone? Your flower money nah come?
Flomo: Where side? But let me tell you, this new year, that new Flomo you coming see. Starting with this new cell phone.
Majon: Tell me oh. I want to hear this other story here.
Flomo: Ehn you know my sister Lawpu? The one in the States. I think you nah talk to her before.
Majon: No oh. I ain’t talk to her before. That the flower money woman?
Flomo: That japer? No man, my other sister. This one pa, she correct. When we finish talking, I will call her so you can talk to her. She will like your business.
Majon: You must check the time oh. Don’t call your sister when she sleeping or when she working. The American people ain’t like it.
Flomo: I know, that one that true.
So that Lawpu help me buy this phone. But she not play with me, she rage hell oh. The way she blast at me, it was not easy. She say this new year, I need to do something with myself. I got to plan my life, I must learn something new, I need to be reading. And the worst one, I need to move from on Facebook.
Majon: Ah, what wrong with Facebook nah?
Flomo: She say, I on it wasting time. I not putting my own idea there. When somebody say something, whether that lie oh, whether that true, I just echoing it like I can’t think. I not going look for the real truth, I posting all day like some kind of lost sheep. Putting ugly picture up with my dry self. Then she say, I chopping all day like I ain’t even go to school. The big word she use on me, she say I need to be “enlightened”.
Majon: Hahaha. Your sister right. You need to do more for yourself.
Flomo: Ok, be laughing. So she and myself agree. She help me buy the new phone, and I start my new Flomo life.
Majon: So why you was in the room you not want come outside?
Flomo: I was reading the first book the woman send me on the internet. The whole thing nah scare me.
Majon: Book and all scaring you? Man move from here.
Flomo: This one different oh. They call the book “Animal Farm”. All the animal them drive the people from the farm, and they take over the whole farm. Then the pig them take power and started ill treating the other animal, lying to them and even killing them. The sheep own pa, anything the pig say, they believe it and they keep saying “four legs good, two legs bad”.
Majon: That animal story you nah read and people will not hear in their ear?
Flomo: Majon, suppose the animal them like human being. People lying to us, they stealing from us, and they killing us too. But we still behind them like sheep. Anything they say, we believe it, and we echoing it everywhere.
Majon: That good thing your sister do for you oh. You nah start reading and you thinking too. You will see the difference soon.
Flomo: It good you agree with her. Because I need help reading the book them. So that you and myself will be reading together.
Majon: I begging you. You and your sister them, your get wahala every week. Take me from inside.
Flomo: No, you inside. The reading thing not on my one. That why I wanted you to talk to her. She say every week she will send new book for us. You too will see the difference.