The Town Crier: A Simple New Year Miracle

Flomo had one simple miracle request for New Year Day.
Flomo: Majon, I hungry oh. You get small food for me?
Majon: What you doing here? The new job you get, you aint go there today?
Flomo: I just wake up. But soon this morning 5 o’clock, I text my bossman to tell him I sick.
Majon: It 1 o’clock and you just wake up? What thing you was doing last night so?
Flomo: Hmmm, last night, I follow Kawpo. One apostle prophet was having revival to her church. We started 7 o’clock last night, this morning 3 o’clock, we was still there.
Majon: Ehn you know you get to work in the morning, why you not come home?
Flomo: The miracle they say the man can do, it not easy. So I wanted to see it with my ownself eyeball.
Majon: So what kind of miracle you saw?
Flomo: The first thing, the dancing was not easy. It just like when we having feast in Todee. That small dancing we do last night? Everybody was sweating. I enjoy it oh.
Majon: So your was dancing for God, just like David dance in the Bible.
Flomo: Ahn ahn, I beg you. David was dancing outside in his brief. Don’t bring that one here.
Majon: I mean just how he was happy. But, don’t change the topic, talk about the great miracle you nah see.
Flomo: The way I see it, the miracle them that future miracle. It not like Jesus open the blind man eye right away, or he make the deaf man to hear. This one them, they say you will get so rich, you will travel, you will open big business.
Majon: So no great miracle in front of you?
Flomo: My own was simple, I just wanted one small miracle. Paygah and the man them say we must have New Year Day party, and me and Soko must bring the drinks.
Majon: You can put your hand in big big thing oh. Just know that I coming to that party.
Flomo: Ok, come. So anyway, I plan it. I borrow 4 new water gallon from the oldma. I fill it up with drinking water, put it in the wheelbarrow and carry it to the revival. The place not too far from here.
Majon: Ayyyy Flomo, what thing you nah do to the people church?
Flomo: We was in the corner in the back of the church. Time for my miracle, the prophet came to us, and I show him the wheelbarrow with the water. He started praying, prophesying that anybody who take bath with the water will not get sick. God will bless them, they will shine and prosper.
Flomo: Then I say the water for drinking. Ohhhh, the man started praying again. Anybody who drink the water will see blessing double double on them.
Majon: The thing them you can put yourself in, be careful ayy.
Flomo: So I tell him, I just want simple miracle like Jesus do in the bible. I want him to change the water to liquor for the New Year Day party so we can celebrate.
Majon: Wait oh, the party we going to that church people will give the liquor?
Flomo: You girl, that small thing the people do to me last night? Now I know they can’t read the bible. All the prophet, pastor, deacon surrounded me, they started praying, rebuking the devil, lay hands on me, shaking my hay and all. I was kneeling down on the floor.
Flomo: Then they started praying over the water again. He say it must change to living water and everybody must drink the water so they can be bless. I not know where the cup them came from, everybody started drinking the water.
Majon: By that time, you not get out from there and come home?
Flomo: When the people finish with me, I didn’t have no strength. I was laying down in the corner. When I wake up, Soko was bringing me home in the wheelbarrow.
Majon: It sweet for you. At least you nah learn your lesson. So you will not go back there.
Flomo: Who say so? I got to go for the oldma gallon them. When I finish eating, I rest small, that Kawpo I will deal with first. Before I go to the church.